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Remote access using PuTTY
Last Updated 3 years ago

Generating OpenSSH-compatible Keys for Use with PuTTY:

  • It is needed to download puttygen aplication for generating OpenSSH-compatible Keys, which can be downloaded here and save it on your desktop.
To generate a set of RSA keys with PuTTYgen:
  • Start the PuTTYgen utility, by double-clicking on its .exe file
  • Click the Generate button
  • Move your mouse pointer around in the blank area of the Key section, below the progress bar (to generate some randomness) until the progress bar is full
  • Our recommendation is not to create a passphrase for your key
  • Click the Save public key button and choose whatever filename you'd like (some users create a folder in their computer named my_keys)
  • Click the Save private key button and choose whatever filename you'd like (you can save it in the same location as the public key, but it should be a location that only you can access and that you will NOT lose
  • Send us your newly generated Public key so that we can copy it on VPS!

Create a PuTTY Profile to Save Your Server's Settings

In PuTTY, you can create (and save) profiles for connections to your various SSH servers, so you don't have to remember, and continually re-type, redundant information. You can process from here only if you sent us your Public key.

  • Start PuTTY by double-clicking its executable file
  • PuTTY's initial window is the Session Category. In the Host Name field, enter credentials of your VPS: (instead of serverName enter the name of a server that we sent you)
  • Along the left-hand side of the window, select the Data sub-category, under Connection. In Auto-login username field enter userName (type userName that we provided you)
  • Expand the SSH sub-category, under Connection
  • Highlight the Auth sub-category and click the Browse button, on the right-hand side of the PuTTY window. Browse your file system and select your previously-created private key
  • Return to the Session Category and enter a name for this profile in the Saved Sessions field. Enter (userName and serverName change with respective names that we provided you)
  • Click the Save button for the Load, Save or Delete a stored session area.
  • In this way you successfully created and saved login information for your server. In order to login to your server all you need to do is highlight previously created configuration and click on Open on the bottom of Putty terminal.
  • If you want to login on server as a different user, repeat the above procedure, but use different username that we provided you.

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