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How to configure an OpenVPN connection on Ubuntu 14.04-16.04 LTS CanalWeb
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First of all, we need to install OpenVPN packages using terminal:

Run the command:



Next step, is to download file, at the top right corner of this page.
Extract (vpn.ovpn file is located inside), in custom folder of your liking. We will need the location of his folder for starting OpenVPN connection.
Starting OpenVPN connection:

image("sudo" must be used in this line)
*Instead of star symbol * in the line above, put the complete folder location where you extracted file.

If everything was done correctly, from previous lines, you will be asked for username and password.
Warning: If you are using copy/paste method for entering your password, and you get AUTH_FAILED error, be aware that, sometimes, Ubuntu likes to add "blank space" (space on your keyboard) at the end of copied password.

When you get this line in the last part of connection process, it means you are now successfully connected:


To maintain the connection, just minimize terminal and let it run in the background.
Shutting down the terminal or pressing ctrl + C in terminal, you will terminate the connection.

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